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Capsule based on rocking bed idea

Capsule based on rocking bed idea

Something myself as in Jamie & Deanna decided to do was to look into different designs because we need to consider the possibility of the egg shape being too complex or it might just be something that leads on to something else.

so we googled several different search terms such as

natural egg
capsule hotel
egg shaped tent
floating bed
bed designs

and we eventually stumbled upon this design of a rocking bed, its basically a circular frame that contains a double bed, so we had a discussion about how we could change this.

placing a wall at the flat circular ends, probably made from the same material as the frame to keep it light and the construction the same.

Having a single bed to give 50% space to move whilst inside the capsule hotel.

This space could be usedto contain a chair and desk.

The conversation of space led to us talking about the framework being 100% circular, so we agreed we wouldn’t want this only because we dont want it to rock, so we said we could flatten the bottom part of the design to make it a static non moving hotel.

you could have storage space under the bed, again mostly made from wood.

the circular wall part could be covered in tracing paper or even paper/card and another idea was fabric… in a real world situation i’d make this from fibreglass or carbon composite the same material they use to make micro-lite aircraft

we agreed this design has advantages such as the space the individual would have and also the storage space and the fact because there is upright straight walls this could encompass shelving, however the main disadvantage we thought of was in regards the construction might be difficult and it was a case of what material we would use to acquire the shape and also costing this material due to our budget.


Jamie & Deanna.

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