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Natural pod – it exists

Natural pod – it exists

Ok so because of the fact we have been talking about the theme of nature and sci/fi I decided to do some research and see if there was anything out there capsule hotel wise that linked to the natural world and I came up with the above link.

Its basically about a man that constructed his own egg shaped pod from bamboo, I love that he used this material, it got me thinking that bamboo isn’t just extremely strong but also flexible

Its also made from other wood and grass seeds, looking at the image, the interior does look like wicker weeved but I’m presuming this is stil bamboo, I think its genius he’s used grass seed on the exterior, making bags and obviously stuffing it with some soil and seed and allowing nature to do its thing, this would also give it a large degree of insulation from the weather especially in winter months…

The fact he has used solar power enables him to be fully self suffiicient so he doesn’t need to  pay anything to the national grid, all in all i think when this was designed and built it was done in mind to be 100% independant from the rest of the world!!

It says to me that the idea that myself Jamie and Deanna thought of using wicker as a basis to create the egg shape, from Pat and Chris’s inspiration, is actually feasable, we could in reality if we had enough wicker, weave it into shape and attach it to a wooden base supported off the ground, i say supported off the ground for the reason it keeps the cold away from the ground, especially in winter months.

so I got to thinking about how we could evolve or change this design slightly to become our own… as far as insulation regarding the wall is concerned… using modern day materials is out of the question so i was thinking about what is cheap and in abundance, I started by thinking about a thatched cottage… would love to do something with this…

maybe make a tent shaped capsule hotel, just BIG using a thatch cottage as the walls..

anyway, so we have our egg shaped capsule, weaved together using wicker, lets say I made an interior and exterior wall for this design, I could then stuff it solid with hay something thats cheap, would take a while before it started to rot and would help keep the cold out and we could have a waterproof sheet layered on the exterior on the egg for extra protection from the weather.

will have to do a sketch on this and post it up soon, will call it NATURE POD

just a thought…

anyway check out the web link above


Jamie & Deanna

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