Wood bending idea for supporting structure

Wood bending discussed today 23/3/12

Got this wood bending technique that was discussed earlier on, if it doesn’t work we can still use cardboard for the supports like, just thought i’d post it up on here though.



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Carrier bag & Chicken wire idea.

Carrier bag & Chicken wire idea.

Just a quick photo for you all to see..

and to show I have tried some experimentation, in the end when I took the dome i had made and tried to modify it by clipping out a door and window I realised how fragile it actually was.

I’m also frustrated at the amount of bags used and there was still holes however this could have given a different look and feel to the capsule it ultimately wasn’t what I was going for.

Chicken wire was arkward to work with and I got fed up of getting stabbed by the wire countless times, also it was slightly awkward during ironing because the wire kept sticking through the bag so I had to be very careful not to damage my iron.

Not something I’d like to do for a full scale model.

perhaps the bags itself could be used in another form such as for lighting within the capsule as it could give a very different feel to a normal bulb and lampshade.



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Jane Clifford Connolly

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Jane Clifford Connolly No problem…needs detailing but its the basics of what I was thinking x
7 March at 22:25 · Like · 1

Deanna Louise Moyse Yeah il get doing different bits over the weekend 🙂 x
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Jane Clifford Connolly
Posted the initial sketch then also two variations to show the different floor colours…just drafts of where I think we are headed…please feel free to change around/throw your ideas back. As we discussed these were rough drafts for Deanna to get inspiration from so would love to see different takes on them 🙂
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Jane Clifford Connolly

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Jane Clifford Connolly

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Deanna Louise Moyse

LED Cube 8x8x8 running on an Arduino
Hooked the cube up to an Arduino to answer the inevitable “does it work with an arduino?” questions 😉
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Deanna Louise Moyse

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Deanna Louise Moyse

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Jane Clifford Connolly
Bringing in loads of fabric samples tomorrow so I can get your opinions. Different things can be done wit different fabrics so I once it has been chosen I can get to work on printing/dying and creation methods
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Jane Clifford Connolly with*
26 February at 21:20 · Like

Deanna Louise Moyse
what theme are we going for in the inside? so i can start the interior mood boards
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Deanna Louise Moyse
I think Monday we need to make a plan, who’s doing what. Decide how its being made together and to see mike about it, see what he thinks is best. All of us need our own thing to think about and share it so we can decide whether or not we like it and what needs changing, all have our different roles. Im struggling with design ideas at the minute or what the hell im meant to be doing, iv’e looked at relevant things etc. but im worried about what im bring to the group. so if we could make a plan monday i think we would all be happier 🙂 hope this helps
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Rebecca Mclaughlin I did want to discuss the naming of the pod as well as properly talk about what materials to build it from. 3:1 has little or no relevance to the fact that it’s a sleeping capsule based on both an organic and science fiction theme. I believ…
See more
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Jane Clifford Connolly well i will have to work closely with Deanna as she is interior and I am all the fabric and textile side of things….I will need to work the bedding etc around the interior design
23 February at 19:02 · Like · 1

Jane Clifford Connolly
Just an idea….Jamie you wasn’t keen on the 3gg idea as you had already completed work on the 3:1…. what about a digital alarm clock that displays the time as 3:1? It ties in with the purpose of the pod.
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Deanna Louise Moyse aren’t we having the name as 3:1, i liked it
21 February at 23:33 · Like

Jane Clifford Connolly
If there are any issues they need to be resolved now as I do believe the crappy comment today in front of Pat was below the belt really…I did explain that after having builders surveying my house all week and splitting up with a partner after 6 years of living together my head was a bit all over the place…needless to say just because I haven’t brought my work in doesn’t mean that I haven’t brought an ample number of innovative ideas to the group…do not state in front of Pat that you are happy when I ask, then slander me to the class behind my . Not falling out over it its trivial but any issues need to be resolved not swept under the rug.
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Rebecca Mclaughlin I’m alright anywhere from 10 to 12, I don’t think pat minds us leaving for a while. Not sure about 3d though, jason seems a bit strict xD When Deanna sees this maybe we can sort it out
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Deanna Louise Moyse whats gone on??
20 February at 22:07 · Like

Jane Clifford Connolly
Me and Rebecca have just been discussing paper mulche/mache like how an egg box is made, for the external structure…just as another idea instead of the fabric exterior. If people liked Pats idea of the fabric fin for projection this could still be included.
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Jamie Brian Craven
Jane I just saw your post on the blog and have posted a reply so you should be able to figure out from following it step by step how to get your images on there ok
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Deanna Louise Moyse
‎3:1 😉
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You like this.

Rebecca Mclaughlin I showed jane but not jamie 😛
11 February at 20:14 · Like

Deanna Louise Moyse OH lol
11 February at 20:24 · Like

Deanna Louise Moyse
regarding jamies idea just doing some bits like these so we can discuss it tomorrow

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Jamie Brian Craven basically yeah thats the kind of thing I was thinking, similar to the sketch I did, will show you another sketch or two tomorrow at uni anyway 🙂
5 February at 15:51 · Like · 1

Deanna Louise Moyse il do some later aswell 🙂
5 February at 15:52 · Like

Jane Clifford Connolly
Got some ideas together in respect to architecture….I dont wanna delve into the fashion side too much yet as this will fall in with the final design but I will do some mock up ideas after I have caught up with you all on Monday.
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Deanna Louise Moyse
So what we all bringing and discussing Monday??
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Jane Clifford Connolly
Just checked out the blog….may need a lesson ha ha ha
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Jane Clifford Connolly ha ha thanks
1 February at 09:55 · Like

Deanna Louise Moyse Thats exactly what I said Jane 😉 hahaha
1 February at 10:37 · Like

Rebecca Mclaughlin
Facebook is being gay. XD I’m gonna just post some stuff on FB if I find anything, and leave the blog for larger posts. I have a concept but it’s crap compared to sleepbox. 😛 We should just base it off that. 🙂
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Jamie Brian Craven
wordpress blogsite has now been created. Go to this link http://wordpress.com/ username is “capsuledesign” and the password “meercat0987” its easy to create and edit posts, if anyone has a question or problem using it, please ask me via fb or at uni.

Your Blogging Home
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Jamie Brian Craven This is why I knew it’d be easier to use fb as we all use it everyday, just more convienent for Patrick to see a blog than view a fb page I guess… ah well, I’ll show you in the week Deanna just grab me sometime it wont take long at all 🙂
30 January at 18:44 · Like

Deanna Louise Moyse nice one cheers 🙂
30 January at 18:45 · Like

Deanna Louise Moyse
bit of inspiration for a head start…. http://www.decodir.com/wp-content/uploads//2010/01/Comfortable-Sofa-One-by-Karim-Rashid-550×385.jpg

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Jamie Brian Craven added Rebecca Mclaughlin and 2 others to the group.

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Jamie Brian Craven created the group.
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Daybed – appropriated design

Daybed - appropriated design

Another potential design idea Jamie & Deanna looked into.

just trying to build up on more research and idea’s in case the egg shape design isn’t feasible.


Jamie & Deanna

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Capsule based on rocking bed idea

Capsule based on rocking bed idea

Something myself as in Jamie & Deanna decided to do was to look into different designs because we need to consider the possibility of the egg shape being too complex or it might just be something that leads on to something else.

so we googled several different search terms such as

natural egg
capsule hotel
egg shaped tent
floating bed
bed designs

and we eventually stumbled upon this design of a rocking bed, its basically a circular frame that contains a double bed, so we had a discussion about how we could change this.

placing a wall at the flat circular ends, probably made from the same material as the frame to keep it light and the construction the same.

Having a single bed to give 50% space to move whilst inside the capsule hotel.

This space could be usedto contain a chair and desk.

The conversation of space led to us talking about the framework being 100% circular, so we agreed we wouldn’t want this only because we dont want it to rock, so we said we could flatten the bottom part of the design to make it a static non moving hotel.

you could have storage space under the bed, again mostly made from wood.

the circular wall part could be covered in tracing paper or even paper/card and another idea was fabric… in a real world situation i’d make this from fibreglass or carbon composite the same material they use to make micro-lite aircraft

we agreed this design has advantages such as the space the individual would have and also the storage space and the fact because there is upright straight walls this could encompass shelving, however the main disadvantage we thought of was in regards the construction might be difficult and it was a case of what material we would use to acquire the shape and also costing this material due to our budget.


Jamie & Deanna.

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Natural pod – it exists

Natural pod – it exists

Ok so because of the fact we have been talking about the theme of nature and sci/fi I decided to do some research and see if there was anything out there capsule hotel wise that linked to the natural world and I came up with the above link.

Its basically about a man that constructed his own egg shaped pod from bamboo, I love that he used this material, it got me thinking that bamboo isn’t just extremely strong but also flexible

Its also made from other wood and grass seeds, looking at the image, the interior does look like wicker weeved but I’m presuming this is stil bamboo, I think its genius he’s used grass seed on the exterior, making bags and obviously stuffing it with some soil and seed and allowing nature to do its thing, this would also give it a large degree of insulation from the weather especially in winter months…

The fact he has used solar power enables him to be fully self suffiicient so he doesn’t need to  pay anything to the national grid, all in all i think when this was designed and built it was done in mind to be 100% independant from the rest of the world!!

It says to me that the idea that myself Jamie and Deanna thought of using wicker as a basis to create the egg shape, from Pat and Chris’s inspiration, is actually feasable, we could in reality if we had enough wicker, weave it into shape and attach it to a wooden base supported off the ground, i say supported off the ground for the reason it keeps the cold away from the ground, especially in winter months.

so I got to thinking about how we could evolve or change this design slightly to become our own… as far as insulation regarding the wall is concerned… using modern day materials is out of the question so i was thinking about what is cheap and in abundance, I started by thinking about a thatched cottage… would love to do something with this…

maybe make a tent shaped capsule hotel, just BIG using a thatch cottage as the walls..

anyway, so we have our egg shaped capsule, weaved together using wicker, lets say I made an interior and exterior wall for this design, I could then stuff it solid with hay something thats cheap, would take a while before it started to rot and would help keep the cold out and we could have a waterproof sheet layered on the exterior on the egg for extra protection from the weather.

will have to do a sketch on this and post it up soon, will call it NATURE POD

just a thought…

anyway check out the web link above


Jamie & Deanna

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2 metre square capsule hotel

2 metre square capsule hotel

I suggest we all take a look at this, afterall the capsule hotel doesn’t need to be fancy, patrick has set no requirements for walking space or furniture, deks and chairs etc.

I know we probably won’t make this, afterall not much difference between this and a coffin/cage but its just to show I have looked into capsules continuously through this project and I’m considering all options.




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