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Carrier bag & Chicken wire idea.

Carrier bag & Chicken wire idea.

Just a quick photo for you all to see..

and to show I have tried some experimentation, in the end when I took the dome i had made and tried to modify it by clipping out a door and window I realised how fragile it actually was.

I’m also frustrated at the amount of bags used and there was still holes however this could have given a different look and feel to the capsule it ultimately wasn’t what I was going for.

Chicken wire was arkward to work with and I got fed up of getting stabbed by the wire countless times, also it was slightly awkward during ironing because the wire kept sticking through the bag so I had to be very careful not to damage my iron.

Not something I’d like to do for a full scale model.

perhaps the bags itself could be used in another form such as for lighting within the capsule as it could give a very different feel to a normal bulb and lampshade.



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