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  1. March 12, 2012 at 2:03 am

    For the record, it was on the 8th of March 2012 that Jamie & Deanna used there initiative and effort to come into college and work out the full size dimensions and scale model dimensions as well as how this capsule design would be constructed in detail as nobody had attempted to do this before.

    It was only together that myself and Deanna discovered problems in the design specifically related to the process of construction using cardboard arches.

    It was also on this day a discussion with Patrick and Chris took place that helped lead us into a solution for our capsule hotel.

    This solution was to use tent poles or wicker poles or something else of the same nature that bends in order to acquire our egg shaped design…

    In further discussion between myself and Deanna we had decided, that we should still purchase the base from a DIY store such as B&Q this would mean getting a 18mm think 8ft by 6ft piece of MDF wood and cutting it to shape of the egg…

    the next stage would be to drill holes around the edge of the base, this base would be supported approx 4 inches off the ground and wicker poles could be inserted into the holes.

    A fabris frame could them be thrown over the wicker to give the wall and shape of the pod, this would also give it a tent kind of feel.

    the other idea Jamie and Deanna had was to weave wicker in and out around the poles to make a more solid structure.


    Jamie & Deanna

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