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Jamie & Deanna – Scale attempt



So that was the attempt made by Jamie and Deanna to measure up the full lifesize capsule and then scale it down into a working maquette, it was riddled with flaws, mainly using the cardboard as the supporting structure…

Therefore if we don’t use the cardboard arches, we won’t need the chickenwire…

we spoke to Patrick & Chris the same day about a possible solution because we had hit a mental roadblock, it was suggest we use, poles, tentpoles, wicker or something of that nature to acquire the shape…

this was just the initial thought, I then made the suggestion to Deanna that we still use the base and we have it raised off the ground but we drill holes into the edges of the base and using either a tentpole or wicker poles to get the shape, then we both agreed we have material shrouded over the capsule.


Jamie Craven

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