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Construction 07/03/2012

Regarding the design we have in mind, the 3D clay design. Jamie and myself worked off that design and tried to make a scale model scaled 1:5 . We made the egg shape base from chipboard wood. We also had the idea that the base would be the wood and that we’d make slits in the edge for the cardboard construction. I drew and measured down the scale from life size and cut out the base marking the dimensions of the cuts into the wood, I used to the cutting machinery to form the slits, Jamie used the chisel to chisel the middle of the slit so it was clean. We tried to construct each cardboard skeleton piece but unfortunately this was not working and wouldn’t have sat into the slits right and it wouldn’t have been stable. Jamie rang up 2 different DIY stores including B & Q to get quotes on some materials that we’d need including an 8ft x 4ft piece of MDF wood. We found that the construction of our design has many different errors and problems we will have to work around. Jamie and I had a word with Patrick and Chris about the problem and they mentioned some sort of flexible tend poles and wicker material that will bend into shapes. With fabrics this will encourage a beautiful ambience. Our next step is too look around many different shops and price up the materials we need, still working on a scale model mock up.


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