Firstly my apologies if the images that accompany this post have not attached properly but I have no clue how I am supposed to attach them successfully. If they are present then you will know what I am rambling about in a moment.
I was reading a book, The Fashion of Architecture by Bradley Quinn, and I came across some innovative construction designs that we could consider when constructing the sleeping pod.
The cube – air filled so that the sstructure maintains its shape, similar to a bouncy castle.
The organ shape pod – I just attached this image because I found it interesting, the protrusions from the roof could be considered for the entrance.
Finally the blue inflated interior – this idea is extremely innovative. It is easy to clean, looks quite futuristic, and can be created in any shape [we were considering a circular bed]. The bed, headboard etc could all be created from it.
Let me know what you all think. If the pictures do not appear I will bring the book in to show you all, unless Jamie can give me an online tutorial of how to upload the images.

Thanks Jane x

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  1. February 16, 2012 at 3:07 am

    When you log in you should see a tab that says new post.

    you then have several other tabs, these are as follows: Text, Photo Video, Quote, Link.

    basically if you want to have text only use that option.

    if you want to upload an image click the photo tab, then click upload photo, browse to where the image on your computer is, wait till it uploads, then you can write your title, thats of your post, with a caption, use this to just tell us anything you want to communicate

    then finally click publish image and your done.

    then if you want to do some more images i find it easier to log out and then back in.

    if you want to see if your post has worked i find it easier to open a tab in the browser and type and it’ll show you everything.

    hope that helps

    if not catch up with me next time you see me and ask me coz i’ll forget, had a lot of lately as we all have am sure 🙂

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