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Working off Jane’s Matrix Tower Capsule

So, Jane showed us her idea of the Modern Met inspired pod (Link here), which I prefer to the egg-dome shaped idea which Jamie came up with. I decided to make a 3D model of the design, with a very basic idea of the construction using the bolted cardboard supports idea Patrick gave us.

I’ll show you the images in a slideshow, then explain how we could possibly make the capsule using cardboard.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To make something like this, we could make the ribs just by cutting out an arch from the cardboard we can find or buy from 3D or the internet or wherever, then we can bolt them as Pat said and use that as the skeleton of the capsule.

I’ve put in a quick video to show that we could put strips of cardboard between the arches to make the curvy and natural effect without much hassle. The cardboard only really needs to reach the padded floor/bedding, which we could also need to make a frame for because the pod would be elevated.

The elevated sloped platform/walkway could be made just by stacking cardboard on top of each other, like the expanding chair idea Jamie showed us, or like this, then glued together layer by layer:

Feedback would be great, as this is just an idea. I really want to keep the shape of the natural dome, but this design doesn’t account for standing up or anything. If the capsule is about 6ft across so Deanna can sleep, the apex of the dome would be about 4ft tall, which is a comfortable crawl space.

Pillows and bedding would probably be rolled up to the lower corner of the capsule, ready to be rolled out when needed. The desk in this design would be attached and not moveable or fold away, but could also double up as shelf space and below it would be storage space for luggage.

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