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Circular capsule thought process..

Circular capsule thought process..

Ok so I get to the problem solving stage of how do I manage to create a circular capsule without it being arkward to construct.

so I let my mind wonder a bit, I was thinking of different shapes and the egg shape was dominant in my mind, I like the shape, i like its something that is a result of nature and evolution..

I then got onto the thought of native American teepee’s and how they are constructed using long lengths of wood that basically intertwine at the top and i asked myself how i could do this without it being as simple as a teepee, my idea would need to be more sophisticated, intentionally designed and yet easily constructed..

my mind then took me towards childrens toys, specifically ones where you can build yourself model dinosaurs, planes etc… by interlinking pieces of card, or wood together, and the bonus is by interlinking these pieces together not only completes the design but supports it completely.

so now I needed to take these base ideas and show my thought process because I can visualise it within my mind quite clearly, but on paper/computer is another matter.

please see the next post above



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