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Basing it around Karim Rashid

Jamie with regards to the Karim mood board, i think you’ve found some strong concepts to look at and we could start doing ideas around them. What is everyone thinking to bring into for Mondays session, are we starting designs to compare and share etc?


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  1. jamie
    February 4, 2012 at 9:53 pm

    as far as showing stuff on Moday…

    my research into ideas and inspiration is basically here on the blog, like the sleepbox, the 24rooms etc I do have a few sketches there not very good however but I’ll try and improve them and explain anything if you cant visualise it.

    currently my main design is based on that circular shape I did, that was sketched quickly after Deanna mentioned designing the capsule around the bed and that was my first initial idea.. I think its a strong one and would like to go with it of course and I have figured a way of making a circular capsule without it being a problem material wise, will explain more in lesson time…

    I’ve also done a spider diagram so I’ll show you all that on Monday…

    nothing else really, we need to come together properly and not just on Mondays to show each other work and ideas so we can help progress as a team!!



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