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Design around a bed idea

Design around a bed idea

Basically the idea of this is to have a circular capsule as a base, going upwards it would be shaped like the top of an egg, kinda like a dome…

The bed would be in the center and possibly large enough for two people although for one is suitable.

next to the bed is a small gap, just enough for a person to walk around, 1ft maximum..

Then around that area and attached to the wall is a desk that goes around the majority of the capsule… this is perfect for people to put there essentials on, it gives a professional the chance to work on a laptop, for a woman to apply make-up etc..

this capsule idea is meant to feel like a home from home but only for that one night..

Idea’s as for interior goes, personally I’ve been looking at Karim Rasheed after Deanna mentioned him and I’m a fan of his style although a range of themes could be applied to this capsule…

I have also been thinking instead of a washbasin as there has been objections to a washbasin that we have other options like enviromentally friendly bio-degradable baby wipes, or the equivelant so somebody could attempt to freshen up at the very least..

comfort I feel could be key to success..

we could also have shelves higher up around the wall to put some basic things like a few books..

there is a plan to have the top end of the bed so it can angle upwards whilst you watch the tv/film, this will be watched on a projector screen that pulls down in front of the door and the projector is above at the back of the bed.

will try and work on this design a bit more and perhaps do some more sketches, this was just done quickly on photoshop…

I’ll also sort out a moodboard for interior inspiration…



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