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Yellow Submarine capsule hotel.

Yellow Submarine capsule hotel.

Something different, something new… just been having a few thoughts about different things are various places I have been, first thought i had was the yellow submarine in Liverpool, then I got to thinking how The Beatles music is still popular in today’s society and on a global basis so might well be something that could appeal to people…

The viewing tower could be the sleeping area, with a oval bed up there, accessed via an internal ladder..

The lower part is then free to be used for various things, an entertainment area or office, it could have minimal cooking facilities, wash basin, shower tray, it could be fitted with a couch and have a drop down projection screen so you could order films via some interactive service, the possibilities are endless..



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  1. February 1, 2012 at 9:55 pm

    (I’m replying to all the posts with your ideas and pics here, not just this one XD)

    I like the idea of a bed that is accessed via a ladder, the added space is valuable in a tiny hotel type concept. The couch and drop down screen is a nice idea, but I think if the capsule would be in an airport or something you wouldn’t really need a wash basin. The Japanese capsule hotel has public bathrooms, and I’m not sure about cooking facilities.

    I don’t think I’d want to sleep in a yellow submarine though, but I like the idea of a theme that would attract a lot of attention. To be honest, I think any theme would attract attention if it was done right.

    The upside house is a nice idea, but we’d have to find a theme to go with that, too. Would it be a new or old house, a miniature upside-down house? I like this idea though. I’ve seen one of those wonderworks in real life, and it really does grab your attention. It helps that the building is on a slant.

    A lego house would be a bit difficult to make I think, cause unless you were using real lego, it wouldn’t really look like the real deal.

    I still think the sci-fi pod is the strongest idea, or maybe I’m just biased after seeing pics of sleepbox and being a scifi fan. 😛

    – Becca

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