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Just a couple ideas for themes..

Just a couple ideas for themes..

Just had a thought!

Doesn’t always have to be about form and function, FUN is also very important, besides Patrick mentioned a theme so I started thinking about different things..

I thought the VW campervan is a classic in its own right but that wasn’t enough for a theme for myself so i decided i’d take it one step further what if the hotel was that but made from lego which is probably one of the most successful toys on a global basis, besides EVERYBODY! loves lego..

Then I was thinking about having the hotel as a famous landmark such as Buckingham Palace, Parliment, The White house, etc the possibilities are endless but i choose to couple this again with something I remembered seeing a few months back which was an upside down property, basically because it just puts an interesting twist on the theme which is a gimmick

interior decorating would of course need to be suitable to what your theme is on both of these ideas..

personally, I’d definately sleep in a lego hotel… ooh what about an upsidedown hotel of buckingham palace made from lego even, thats another idea just from this first two.



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